Cunningham Family's Adventures Thru the USA


Two years and nine months later…

Two years and nine months seem like a blur. How is possible for time to move so quickly?

I wonder that all the time.

At this point, we have stopped traveling now for the last 5 months and we are in the state of Montana… I know what you must be thinking… “In your last set of entries, you said you were still in Connecticut.”


It has been a long time since my last entry. I truly thought I would have updated as we went along, or at least that was my intention. -laughs- It seems you will not always find an internet connection while on the road, and steady campground wifi is a fickle thing and I suggest using a booster. It’s worth it. Also password protect it so other can’t piggy back off you and steal all your signal. -winks- Well worth the effort.

Well first off, I want to say we have thought about returning to the road everyday since we have stopped. It has become an internal struggle: To Stay or To Go

For as many hardships we experienced on the road, in all we were truly blessed. Only 1 serious illness (suffered by my husband and I), but No serious injuries. No serious car fails. Well i guess that isn’t completely true. Let me think about this… We started October 2011 in the Van. Rented a house in South Carolina 2012. Bounced between Florida and Connecticut 2012-2013 and December 2013 we officially got on the road with the kids AND the camper. January 2014 our engine spun a rod, costing us $10,000. Ugh.

We traveled to 28 states in 14 months.

USA522letterBWPrintMap Key:

  • Yellow: States Started & Stopped
  • Green: States Traveled During Our Trip
  • Red: States Still Waiting to be Seen

Child Identity Theft

EquifaxTransUnion and Experian all allow parents to request what’s called a Minor Child Credit File Check.

The check-up is FREE, the credit bureaus do require parents to submit copied documentation such as a driver’s license, social security card and/or birth certificate to verify identities before they will release credit file information.

If you request a file check for your kids, you’ll then be notified with one of two responses: either your child has no credit file (that’s good) or a credit file linked to your child’s social security number already exists (that’s trouble).

If your child has a credit file, you will also be told what steps are needed to protect your child’s credit and identity, and how to remove any fraudulent activity from your child’s credit file.

The faster you can catch it, the faster  you can correct it.

Christmas Wreath


  • A lot of Green and Red Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitter or glitter glue
  • Red or Green Ribbon


  1. Trace your hand on a piece of construction paper and then cut it out at least 10 hand prints for each wreath.
  2. Next, glue the hand prints together at the wrists, overlapping slightly, in a circle.
  3. At this point you can add hearts like William wanted, or a nice red bow, glitter, stickers, add stringed pop corn by weaving it through the fingers… Whatever you can think to add…

My kids chose red, green, yellow and brown for fall instead of Christmas, even though we were doing a Christmas project. -laughs- They told me “75′ degree weather, did not classify as winter.” It’s not in the teens at the moment so how could I argue? Then they used their hand prints as well as their younger brother and sister’s hand and foot prints… and Little Bill insisted it wasn’t complete without a heart at the top.

Jacksonville, Florida Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Bill, Bill’s Brother Ken and I went hunting in the woods today. We all really enjoyed it.

Well -laughs- at first, Bill and his brother brought the children out to check on his bait and search for animal tracks…

However, Bill accidentally hurt himself and a return trip home was in order.

After a minor reboot, I decided to tag along and they returned to the woods.

At any rate, the first task was to get across this stream… The boys wanted to trample through it but me being a girl, did not. I hate wet shoes. So we walked well out of our way to find a log to cross on.

Man, he made it look so easy. I guess that confidence comes from walking scaffolding in the past. I however, was a bit more wobbly…

And even though it wasn’t a very long way down, I still didn’t want to end up all wet. -laughs-

Once across, the real fun could begin…

My mind started racing with all the new and interesting facts that the kids and I have been working on at home. We have been learning how to track,  how to build a fire and how to start a fire, about snake bites, scorpion stings, about general first aid and  what to do if you become lost. The main thing I forgot about was to my eyes open to whats in front of me. -laughs-

Yes, I about walked face first in to that huge spider.

A golden silk spider, in fact.

And as with most spiders, there is little real danger from encountering this type of spider. The spider will bite only if held or pinched, and the bite itself will produce only localized pain with a slight redness, which quickly goes away, the bite is much less severe than a bee string. Typically, the webs are made in open woods or edges of dense forest, usually attached to trees and low shrubs, although they may be in the tops of trees.

Anyways, the first thing the boys wanted to show me was the deer spot, which was also what Bill had hurt himself on.

With the bait already set, we waited…

And I took pictures.

At some point we got tired of sitting there and decided to hit the trails. The first thing we came across was boar marks on this tree.

Cool. That is a great sign. So on we went..

With no luck, we returned home.

Overall, an awesome time.

Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami

Ocean Drive is a street in South Beach—the southern part of Miami Beach, Florida. The area is famed for its Art Deco hotels and Ocean Drive is the cream of the city’s Art Deco District, which is home to about 800 preserved buildings. Streamline Moderne evolved from the Art Deco style, and dominates the street. The name of Ocean Drive is so intertwined with the idea of relaxed ‘cool’ in the English language that it has a magazine named after it and was the title of a top ten hit song for UK pop group The Lighthouse Family.

John F. Kennedy Space Center

Cape Canaveral from the Spanish Cabo Cañaveral, is a headland in Brevard County, Florida, near the center of that state’s Atlantic coast 45 minutes East of Orlando by car. Known as Cape Kennedy from 1963 to 1973, it sits due east of Merritt Island, separated from it by the Banana River. It is part of a region known as the Space Coast, and is the site of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Since many United States spacecraft are launched from both the station and the Kennedy Space Center on nearby Merritt Island, the term “Cape Canaveral” or “Canaveral” has become a metonym that refers to both as the launch site of spacecraft. The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is the NASA space vehicle launch facility and Launch Control Center (spaceport) on Merritt Island, Brevard County, Florida, United States. The site is 34 miles (55 km) long and around 6 miles (10 km) wide, covering 219 square miles (567 km2). A total of 13,500 people work at the site as of early 2008. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is home to a number of museums, two IMAX theatres, and a range of bus tours allowing visitors a closer look at various restricted areas that would otherwise not be possible. This includes tour-bus transportation into the restricted area to an observation gantry on the grounds of Launch Complex 39, and to the Apollo-Saturn V Center. The observation gantry provides unobstructed views of both launch pads and all of Kennedy Space Center property. The site is home to the so-called Rocket Garden, a permanent display of unused rockets and missiles.

Robinson Preserve

1709 99th St. NW Bradenton, FL 34209

Robinson Preserve was a great place to take the kids.

 There are 56 acres of marshland with 2 1/2 miles of kayaking and canoeing streams.

10 acres of uplands complete with 6 nature trails and as many bridges winding around the mangroves.

 The 500 foot boardwalk makes it a great location for bird watching…

and the trails are great for hiking, biking or simply chasing around tots.

While the family went fishing…

Gabbie and I hung back to take pictures of the marsh.

Finally after becoming bored, I decided to go canoeing with the family. That was pretty fun, but Gabbie did add a challenge… Okay A LOT of a Challenge.

But it was so worth it…

Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is Halloween

-laughs- The kids got all dressed up and went trick or treating with some of their cousins.

Lilie went as “Lilith the Vampire”

Little Bill went as a “Military Ghoul”

Nathan went as “Tigger”

And Miss Gabbie went as a “Monkey”

While visiting my Husband’s Brother, we where able to get the clan together.

Over all, I’d say everyone had a great time.

 Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wedding Photos 2009

We got married September 6, 2009 on our 9th year together.

We wanted to get married on 9-9-09 of our 9th year but the 9th was a Wednesday and the 6th was a Sunday of Labor Day Weekend…

None the less, we got married in Jacksonville Beach, Fl where we first met.

The wedding started at 6:30am

While I was getting ready

Bill was patiently waiting

We had a Full Moon behind us…

It was so Beautiful

It was such a Honor to have my Uncle Danny marry us

Finally it’s time

The board walk felt a mile long

On this day, I married my Best Friend

They said it was to rain all morning. Instead, it rained around us.

 And then the Amazing Sunrise

It was such a joy to see all our friends and family come together

It was a Breath Taking Sunrise

And a Kick Ass Kinda Day!!!

Plainfield, Connecticut

Family Photos