Cunningham Family's Adventures Thru the USA


Q: Are you insane?

A: No, not the last time I checked. -laughs- Just adventurous.

Q: What happens if you break down somewhere?

A: Then I guess that’s where we call home until things can be repaired… We’ll have the SUV as a backup car and if things really got hairy… We could always stay in a hotel.

Q: How are you gonna find work?

A: Well, there are several things that we are gonna do…

  1. Selling My Personal Creations
  2. Work at Mom and Pop places along the way
  3. Talk to Local Farmers to see if they need help and/or could offer a homeschooling lesson or two
  4. Bill always has the Moving Business to fall back on, if needed
  5. Temp. Agencies
  6. Job Finders
  7. Workamper
  8. Wing it

These are just a few simple solutions…

Either way: “When there is a WILL there is a WAY and when there is a WAY, there is more often MORE THAN ONE.” -winks-

Q: Would I consider myself a selfish person for completely uprooting my children to go run around these Great Old States?

 A: Am I? I mean, our goal is to provide our children with appropriate activities where self-expression, self-confidence, physical and mental poise can be attained  through determination and mastery of physical, mental, and social tasks.

First, is fitness… Different types of tv commercials like Let’s Move, for just one example, advises us to become more physically active with our children. Not just for their health but also ours. Children don’t get enough physical activity, which contributes to childhood obesity, among other things.

When we lived on the 3rd  floor in Connecticut, there was not much activity. After working all day Bill and I were tired, as I am sure many of you are. And who wants to keep trailing up and down stairs when all you want to do is relax? We always meant well, but you can mean “wellness” until you’re blue in the face. But until you do something about it?…

So we will be learning strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and flexibility; just to scratch the surface.

We recognize that our children have different interests, abilities, and motor skills. The intent is to help them learn a variety of loco-motor, non-manipulative, and manipulative skills that they can use to enjoyably and confidently play around these Great Amazing States.

And one can’t forget about Adventure. Which is my Favorite part.

Adventure will involve cooperation, teamwork, and trust activities that will have them working together to reach a common goal or goals. There will be elements of surprise and activities that will compel them to do things they might not ever imagine possible. They will be challenged and be invited to take risks.

In order for this is happen and for it to be a good experience for them, there will have to be an atmosphere of safety. A place where they can also, speak their minds and not be judged.

So we will be encouraging them to push themselves to the limits, while at the same time having fun and making new friends.

Besides all of that, we want them to learn some good old fashion hard work, and we just want to build a lasting, meaningful relationship with our children. And getting out there and exploring, seeing and experiencing life first hand is a great start.  We’re looking back and the last 10 years has flown by. 10 more years and Lilie is out the door and Little Bill too, for that matter. We just don’t want to look back at a missed opportunity to change our lives together. Making memories that will last a life time.

Beyond that, having a paid site comes in handy because there are so many things you can not do otherwise.

The plugins are where the true magic happens.

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One response

  1. I love your site. I was looking for my site (to see where it ranked) and came across yours. I have a heat exhaustion website and you have an article on it. You are from Jacksonville and I am from St Augustine. I love that you guys are having fun traveling with your kids. Kudos to you for living life. I wish we all would do that.

    November 18, 2011 at 11:52 am

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